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Oct. 28th. 2022

The Olive Park michi no eki lowest car park has to have a reappraisal. Arriving in the dark it seems a dismal, melancholy place but in the morning sunshine it is airy and right on a pleasant beach. The toilets though old and dilapidated were at least functional on this return visit.

Olive Park beach

Olive Park Beach

Start from Ieura port

Today, we head to Tonosho Port to take the ferry to Teshima. We plan to cycle around, viewing the Triennale Artworks.

Consequently, we take the ferry to Ieura as there are more bicycle rental places there. In the event, there were no bicycles to be had. All had been pre-booked, so we rent a car for 4 hours for 4000yen. This was a lucky chance as the island is steep and many of the works are inland away from the coast. It was also a very hot day for the end of October. Again, some of the work was interesting and some left you with the distinct impression of having been hoaxed.

There was an elaborate installation of a fishing boat, or the frame for the construction of a boat, inside the derelict structure of a needle factory. This was all explained at length with video.

Needle Factory

Needle Factory

Kou area

We drive to Kou area beach and have lunch in the hot sunshine. There is a long, metal, bench shape installation and a lady taking innumerable selfies with it.

This we follow with a visit to a rather spooky installation in an abandoned house, entitled “Remains of Shadowing”. Very atmospheric, concerning loss, absence, death.

Remains of Shadowing

Remains of Shadowing. The picture on the left depicts the objects on the table.

Remains of Shadowing

Remains of Shadowing


Then on to Karato-oka. Here we start quite a long walk in the woods, no, a very long walk. Finally, we arrive at the entrance of the installation. We find a lot of wind chimes hanging from the branches in the woods. This is “La Foret of Murmures”. Each chime dedicated to some departed soul.

Then we walked back.

La Foret des Murmures

La Foret des Murmures

We return the car to Ieura, but we still have time before the ferry, so we go to Teshima Yokoo House. D. never liked Tadanori Yokoo feeling his art too kitsch. I understand her point, but the gallery is interesting.

Teshima Yokoo House

Teshima Yokoo House

We return by ferry to Shodoshima and spend another night among the Unlucky Stones at michi no eki Osaka Castle Memorial Stones Commemorative Plaza (Osakajo Zanseki Kinen Koen). Again, this is very quiet with only one other vehicle for company.

*Shodoshima-Teshima(Ieura) Ferry ; 780 yen / adult (return)

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