Shikoku Karst Road, Godan and Tengu Highlands 四国カルスト

Tengu Highland

November 2018,

Mikawa michi-no-eki

Leaving Tenku no Sato Sanan, we take R. 33 along the river valley towards Kouchi. We stop to look at Mikawa michi-no-eki. This would be an excellent place to stay. It has access to the river which flows blue.
As we progress, the valley becomes increasingly spectacular. Just beyond Mikawa michi-no-eki is a huge crag, sitting in the river reminiscent of Gunkanjima (Mitsukejima) in Noto Hanto. (Gunkan is battleship, and the island resembles a ship heading directly for the beach.) Later the road takes us higher and higher and the valley becomes so steep and narrow that it is impossible to see the river in the bottom.

Shikoku Karst Road- Godan and Tengu Highlands

Our destination is Shikoku Karst which is one of three Karst in Japan and the highest, about 1400m. So Shikoku Karst Road (R.383) is very scenic route. We have lunch at Godan Highlands(五段高原) enjoying the view, D enjoyed her lunch that she bought at michi-no-eki Tenku no sato Sansan.



We drive along the Shikoku Karst (limestone scenery) Road and park at Tengu Highlands(天狗高原), then walk. As these are limestone uplands and mostly devoid of trees the  panoramas are extensive.

The day is mainly sunny and clear, so the mountains stretch away, range on pale range, fading into the distance. We can see Mt. Ishizuchi standing clear and cloud free now we are not on its summit. Still we enjoy the views we have.

Godan Highland

Godan Highland

On the long descent from the Shikoku Karst, we disturb a troop of monkeys that scatters into the undergrowth.

Bios Ogata michi-no-eki

After stopping in Susaki for supplies, we follow R. 56 to Bios Ogata michi-no-eki. This is our overnight stop. The michi-no-eki is next to a wide, sandy beach and skirted a river that runs into the sea. The area is flat and open; very spacious, but it has a lot of through traffic. Perhaps people are using it as a short-cut.

Unfortunately, the toilet is basic, but we can’t be bothered to drive back some 10 kilometres to Nabura Tosa Saga for a warm seat. We had dropped into Nabura Tosa Saga michi-no-eki earlier, a relatively new facility and good for an overnight.

Ogata, Kuroshio town

Ogata, Kuroshio town

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