Moerenuma Park – Noguchi Isamu モエレ沼公園

Moerenuma Park

Day 30, October 2016,

Moerenuma Park

After Checking out of our better than usual hotel, replete after an excellent breakfast, we set off to investigate Moerenuma Park‘. At first, we don’t understand the place at all but we slowly realize that it is a huge space, housing various, massive artworks, most notably by Noguchi Isamu. Strange at first, but gradually, we approve as we wander between and climb the unassuming exhibits that sometimes are not obviously exhibits at all.

Moerenuma Park

Moerenuma Park


Noguchi Isamu, Sea Fountain.

As we approach Noguchi Isamu’s Sea Fountain, coincidentally, its scheduled display is beginning, otherwise we would, stupidly, not have made any effort to see it. But it’s there – so why not?

I was thinking it was going to be a fountain, maybe with music and lights – so had no expectations. As we watch the beginning of the scheduled program, it dawns on us that this is not anything ordinary and we steadily become enthralled. The water, in the fountain base, seethes and swirls, boils and bubbles, makes waves but – just as the thing becomes really interesting – it stops suddenly. An announcement regrets that the show has been aborted due to mechanical failure. Funny and sad.

A very good park to visit. In summer, it must be wonderful for families with small children and a cultural outing for adults. Recommended.

Sea fountin at Moerenuma park


The next stop is more practical, as we need to wash some clothes, so we find a coin laundry and eat an obento lunch waiting for the washing cycle to conclude. Clean clothes stashed, we head out of Sapporo. We take Route 274 to the same road station ‘Maoi no Oka park‘ that we visited on our way into the city. This michi no eki features a very impressive vegetable market. We dine on bread, cheese, sashimi, salad and wine. All of which are very good.


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