Lake Saiko glimpses of Fujisan and Asagiri kogen RS 西湖

Lake Saiko

August 2018,

After a few days in Tokyo, we drive out in the direction of Mount Fuji. Following the navi through the maze of city. Worried we will not have time walk at Kuonji, we get on the Chuo Highway, only to realize there is still too little time and get off again.

Winding through the narrow mountain roads of Kanagawa pref. we skirt around Lake Sagami and finally arrive in the Fujisan area around 3pm. The elusive mountain is nowhere to be seen.

Lake Saiko

We visit Lake Saiko, a very quiet lake by five Fuji lake standards. No power boats for a start. That should – read “no motorized vessels” – as “power boats” gives a wrong impression.

There are small hotels that cater to anglers. These have rowing boats for hire. We stop for a while at a spot that, we didn’t realize at the time, had a magnificent view of Fujisan hanging over the lake. Later, we see pro-photos of the same spot, but the mountain is shy today.

Lake Saiko

Lake Saiko

We drive around the lake, stopping to take photos of the dramatic light showing through the gloom of cloud cover and mountain mist. Occasionally, we catch a glimpse of Fuji’s flank.

Michi no eki ‘Asagiri Kogen’

For the night, we stop at Asagiri Kogen RS. This is a good place and have stopped here on a previous trip. We had forgotten that the parking space, nearest the toilet, on the left hand side of the motorcycle parking, marked off by red and white poles, is directly over a manhole cover that stinks very strongly of sewage. We ease back a few spaces as the rain begins in earnest.

*michi no ki Asagiri Kogen elevation; 900m.


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