Izushi – stork revival 出石

Summer 2018,

Tajimarakuza, michi no eki, does not improve with familiarity. In mitigation, I should mention that the old building is undergoing refurbishment. So, it may be better in a few months, say Spring 2019.

Izushi – stork revival

From Tajimarakuza, we take a look around the nearby town of Izushi, famous for porcelain, sara-soba, an old clock tower ‘Shinkoro’ and storks.


Shinkoro (clock tower)

Ceramics in Izushi street

Ceramics in Izushi street

Here, some traditional buildings remain plus the foundations of the castle. These castle foundations are jumbled with an Inari (fox) shrine. Interesting enough.

Torii at Izushi

Torii at Izushi

Izushi is only a half hour drive from the famous Kinosaki hot spring, and 2 hours from Himeji and its famous castle.


As we are leaving Izushi, following the river on Route 476, we spot storks wading in the water. We, therefore, stop to take pictures but they are, really, too far away.



The rest of the day rolls by, along Route 178 and Route 9. As we are running for home, before the forecast, major typhoon arrives. On a stretch of R. 9, a toll free expressway section – just as we exit a tunnel – we meet a SUV, broadside across our lane. An elderly gent, probably a contemporary, is executing a 3 point, U-turn between the poles. Consequently, a severe honking was in order!

The only other event, apart from skirting Shinjiko, a photogenic lake, was our navi leading us into the middle of some rice fields, in the low hills of nowhere, announcing arrival and thanking me for driving. On the second attempt we find michi no eki Tataraba Ichibanchi.

Tataraba Ichibanchi michi no eki

To excuse our navi, I think the confusion arose because the michi no eki is on the Matsue Jidosasha-do (highway) and the minor road we were following.

Tataraba Ichibanchi is sort of two faced, having car parks on both sides. One for the high way the other for the minor road. It is also new with excellent facilities and ample parking. For shachuhaku (sleep in a car), I think it will serve very well.

*Tataraba ichibannchi elevation ; 389m

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