Hida Asahi village and Hida Furukawa Walk  飛騨古川

Hida Furukawa

17th April 2022

Hida Asahi Cherry Tree tour 飛騨朝日村

This morning we wander around Hida Ashahi-mura to see the, at least locally, famous cherry trees. We walk around the village and visit 4~5 cherry trees at shrines and temple. These are a little disappointing as they are either past their prime or yet to shine.

cherry blossom at Hida Asahi-mura

Cherry blossom at Hida Asahi-mura

So, we drive a short distance to visit another Shinmei shrine (Aoya district). Here the cherry blossom is reflected in a handily flooded rice field. At night it is clear that this is very special but in daylight with a stiff breeze rippling the water it is beautiful but not outstanding.

Shinmei shrine

Shinmei shrine

Hida Furukawa

Having had our fill of blossom we head off towards Takayama but skirt the city to arrive in Hida Furukawa. There is a free car park near the city hall. The city hall provides a city map.

This old town was a centre for carpenters and craftsmen who were hired for temple projects in Nara and Kyoto, I assume. The old buildings here have intricate woodwork usually picked out in white.

There is also a sake brewery that has won awards worldwide and, I think, provides the sake for Japanese embassies.

Hida Furukawa

World renown Hida Furukawa sake brewery.

There is a street of traditional white storehouses with a fast-running canal stocked with huge carps. This waterway is flanked with wispy willows and sparse cherry sapling which add a dash of colour to the scene. Very picturesque.

Hida Furukawa

Hida Furukawa warehouses and canal.

By coincidence, the town is preparing for its major festival Furukawa-matsuri (April 19th and 20th) at Keta Wakamiya shrine which involves floats with large drums on them pulled through the town. One of the floats is under construction as, I think, a demonstration.

Keta Wakamiya shrine

Furukawa festival preparation

Finally, we drive the road from Takayama to Shirakawa-go to reach our michi no eki Hida Hakusan for the night.

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