Tsuyama, old castle town  津山

Merchant's house at Tsuyama

November 2018,

Hirafuku 平福

Michi no eki Syukuba Machi Hirafuku was busy with trucks pulling in and out during the night. However, the truck parking is a little separate so no real problem.

Michi no eki Hirafuku

Michi no eki Hirafuku

In the morning we wander around Hirafuku. The town is set in a picturesque spot and has castle ruins, visible on the top of a hill.

HIrafuku town

Hirafuku town art

The occasional ray of sunshine catches the autumn colours on the hillside, but it is a cold, grey morning for the most part. Our circuit of Hirafuku complete, we head off to Tsuyama.


In Tsuyama we walk around the Joto area with its preserved, traditional buildings. There is an old merchant’s house that is rather beautiful. It also has a small, attractive garden, but there was no water in the pond. I hope that is only temporary.

Merchant's house at Tsuyama

Merchant’s house at Tsuyama

This small town was also the birthplace of an important doctor and intellectual from the late Edo period. He acted as an interpreter for Admiral Perry of Black Ships fame. There was a relatively large museum dedicated to this gentleman, as an “Archive of Western Learning”.

There was little else of interest in the street though some restoration work was in progress. I suspect the local authority is hoping to create a more well-known tourist pull but have some way to go.

Tsuyama                                                          Tsuyama



Scenic drive in dappled sunlight

For the rest of the day we drive through light, hazy rain and sunshine alternating rapidly as the wind is strong. This changing play of light on the autumnal hillsides and, the rice stubble fields, greening over, makes a very pretty picture. The large farmhouses with their ornate, black tiled roofs and fancy, white plasterwork complete the picturesque making this a very enjoyable, scenic drive.

Toyohira Dongurimura michi no eki

Well after dark, we pull into one of the many car parks at Toyohira Dongurimura michi no eki to discover a very primitive toilet. Even the handicapped facility is basic. This place has a multitude of functions, sports fields gym etc. but as a michi no eki for shachuhaku, not recommended. Never mind, tomorrow we will be home.

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