Hida Takayama Museum

June 11th.
Hida Kaido Nagisa michi no eki is a large place with little going on. There is a sizable information centre with a stuffed serow, a couple of tanuki in comical hats and very little else. From a shachuhaku point of view it is fine, apart from the lack of rubbish bins.

Minami Hida Osaka michi no eki

We start the day with a drive to Minami Hida Osaka michi no eki. We were hoping to walk to a couple of waterfalls before the rain that is forecast for later in the day. On the way, we are pre-empted and by the time we arrive the rain is relentless.

The michi no eki itself is very good. It has a small restaurant with a view of the river running behind the building and large array of local produce and handicraft.

It is also a centre for cavorting about in the river and waterfalls wearing the wet suits helpfully provided for hire. D. and I were not tempted. This centre appeared to be linked to various outdoor activities to promote the local area. These were for children as well as adults.

Hida Takayama Museum

This museum closed on May 31st 2020. The contents will be displayed in the hotel to be opened on the same site circa autumn 2023.

At a loss for activity on a very wet day, we set off for Takayama, not our favourite place. Here we visit Hida Takayama Museum. This has displays of mainly Art Deco glass by the likes of Emile Galle and Rene Lalique plus some furniture by MackIntosh among others. You have to be interested in these things to be enthralled but some of the exhibits definitely caught the attention.

Hida Takayama Museum

Hida Takayama MuseumI admit I was interested in the double-decker bus parked in front of the museum. It was billed as a London bus, but it was not. The famous London buses were Routemaster, but this bus was a Bristol, slightly larger and used in many places outside London. It was nostalgic for me. I used to drive that exact model.

Hida Takayama Museum


*Hida Takayama Museum ; 1300 yen / adult


We end the day driving towards Shirakawago to find a michi no eki for the night. We finally stop at Hida Hakusan. This has an onsen attached but we don’t try it. The michi no eki has a large car park but it is deserted apart from us and a K wagon from Kita-Kyushu. The rain continues unabated.

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