We timed this Kyushu to Hokkaido shachuhaku road trip to catch the early summer flowers. Our previous trip to Hokkaido was in late autumn and in many places, we noted, the famous flowers were over. Similarly, when we travelled to Tohoku to catch the Aomori Nebuta the flowers were finished. So this trip we wanted to see these places in peak flower season.

Rebun was our main destination. This small island off Wakanai is famous for its early summer flowers and for hiking. There is also an absence of bears. What’s not to like?

We aim, in this account, to provide useful information to anyone interested in “shachuhaku” road trips. Having travelled, in this way, from one end of Japan to the other – more than once – we hope our insights are helpful.

We provide details of places, especially wetlands, to hike and enjoy flowers and wonderful scenery. Besides Rebun, we visit Kushiro Sarobetsu and many other places. This account provides pertinent, we hope, information about all the places visited, some well known others more obscure.

The cost of parking, ropeway fees and shuttle bus fares we usually note. The blog also provides some information on ferries to Rebun and from Hokkaido to Sendai.

As this is also an account of a shachuhaku trip, we suggest which michi no eki are good and which to avoid.